Wrestling for Footy & Rugby

Wrestling can play a key role in footy and rugby in that skills learnt on the mat are transferable on the field.

Wrestling is important for rugby because there is a functional carry over from the gym based strength exercises to the rugby specific movement patterns … tackling, rucking, mauling and scrummaging all of which use many different movement pattern at the same time… wrestling helps rehearse and develop theses movement patterns.

Tackling, rucking, mauling and so on use concentric and eccentric actions and varied movement patterns all at once unlike traditional gym exercises. Many of the gym based exercises are very good at developing raw strength and power but wrestling transfers that adaptation into a functional, rugby specific application and is good fun!

Wrestling can assist footy players in a variety of ways. Tackling being the obvious but also ways to defend from being tackled and ways to manoeuvre to increase chances of recieving a free kick. Wrestling also develops balance and stability to help stand your ground when being tackled or pushed around in contest.

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